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Turkey Shoot—The Buzz


Geoffrey Dutton at the IPNE conference, November 2019. Photo by Charlotte Pierce

Geoffrey Dutton was given the 2019 Courage in Fiction award from Independent Publishers of New England (IPNE) for his 2018 radical thriller Turkey Shoot. The award, given for the first time this year, recognizes the difficulties involved in publishing a novel that portrays political terrorists  in a non-judgmental way, from their own points of view. Find a list of all 2019 book award winners at here.

Chapter two of Turkey Shoot was selected for inclusion in the 2018 edition (volume 23) of Seven Hills Review, an annual publication of the Tallahassee Writers Association.

Chapter 22 of Her Own Devices, Dutton’s forthcoming sequel to Turkey Shoot, was selected for publication in the February, 2020 edition of the literary journal The Write Launch.


Kameel Nasr spoke with Geoffrey Dutton on his show New England Authors in January, 2020 in a 23-minute conversation that explored the motivations of the author and his characters. See it here or on YouTube.

What’s Going On, Belmont Public Media, Aug. 29 2018, 19 min. hosted on YouTube

Belmont Citizen-Herald, Nov. 11 2018, Belmont resident pens first book about turmoil overseas


Belmont Citizen-Herald, Nov. 27, 201, Belmont author wins award

Praise from Early Readers

Turkey Shoot is much more than a thriller, more Wajda’s Ashes and Diamonds than 007, elegantly written by someone who clearly knows the history, geography, and political turmoil of the region with great empathy for those victimized by unnecessary wars and heartless policies.
—San Cassimally, playwright and novelist, winner of the Mobil Prize for his play Acquisitive Case

Experience a cast of colorful characters who band together on a dangerous mission. The dialogue sparkles and the prose thrusts you on an adventure that twists and turns. The bittersweet ending will surprise you.
—Dr. Arnold Kamis, founder, Lexington Writer’s Group

If invaders destroyed your home, your family, your people—what would you do? Where would you go, how would you get there, what could you take with you, how could you reach out to friends and family or make money? Whom would you trust, or even love? Enough such trauma might drive you to terrorism, might it not? Why not stake out this  cell of fed-up international radicals and find out? What they’re planning will kill you.
—Dr. A. Bengola, Professor of English, Newark State Teachers College

Geoffrey Dutton wraps the reader into a first-person scenario, tracking an outsider as he negotiates a maze of twisty streets and untested persons who claim to be allies. The observations of great detail bring the scenes to life along with the contradictions that lie ahead. Expect the unexpected in this fast-paced thriller.
—Dr. Nicholas Chrisman, Author, Editor, Geographer, Bellingham WA

Help Build Buzz

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Should you feel that Turkey Shoot is a must-read for certain people in your community or network, you can show them or send them this link to the one-page flyer illustrated here. Feel free to print out and pin up at your local literary haunts, such as bookstores, libraries, and cafés. We wouldn’t mind if you used our contact form to describe what you did.

If you go that extra mile or simply sign up for our occasional newsletter Perfidy Press Pronouncements, for your trouble you will receive a coupon code for a free Turkey Shoot ePub eBook (a $5.99 value) from Apple iBooks. But hurry, because supplies are limited.

Beyond reading pleasure, you and those whom you encourage to pick up the book will also be rewarded by finely-etched characters and settings, spritely action, and revelatory insights into the kinds of life experiences with oppression, exploitation and brutality that can lead principled individuals to conspire against oppressors. As one character puts it, “They only call it class warfare when we fight back.”

Our appreciative thanks if you can see fit to spread the word.

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