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Since the summer of 2018 we’ve been sending out an email newsletter called Perfidy Press Provocations to subscribers more or less once a month. Most have some sort of a literary theme, but they’ve been known to ramble in the weeds of cultural trends, political currents, environmental issues, pandemic musings, and blatant marketeering.

If you enjoy the newsletters linked below, please consider signing up to receive forthcoming ones. Each is a interesting, concise take on a different subject. You’ll also get exclusive previews of work in progress and special offers. All we ask for is an email address. You can opt out anytime with a single click.

We’ve started archiving newsletters beginning in 2021. You’ll find future newsletters posted here when they are sent out.

All newsletters are housed in the Perfidy Press Blog, where you’ll find book reviews, craft essays, commentary on current events, and more. See a list of recent posts over on the sidebar. To find newsletter content when on another page, click the Newsletter in the tag cloud or the Newsletter category below it.


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