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Excerpts from Her Own Devices

See a sneak preview of Her Own Devices here, and read the protagonist’s unsettling prologue. For more, below find three excerpts at The Write Launch (listed in order of publication) and an audio clip of the spooky introduction:

1. Her Own Devices, chapter 22 (second revision, February 2020) at The Write Launch

2. Her Own Devices, chapters 1 and 2 (third revision, August 2020) at The Write Launch (Note: since this was published, the ordering of the first three chapters changed; in the fourth revision, chapter one appears as chapter three.)

3. Her Own Devices, chapter 8 (fourth revision, January 2021) at The Write Launch.

4. MP3 audio of the introduction by Mahmoud from limbo, narrated by the author:

Just so you know, the novel’s current version differs in detail from what The Write Launch published in both style and substance. If any of this moves you to comment or you’re interested in receiving the current version (6.1 as of September 2021) to offer feedback, kindly complete the form below.

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