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Excerpts from Her Own Devices

Her Own Devices has three distinct narrators with a couple more points of view thrown in. The three are: Mahmoud, Anna, and me (called The Writer, also pretending to be The Editor).

See a teaser here, which may incite you to read Anna’s opening statement (she gets to write the Foreword) below, and listen to an audio clip of Mahmoud’s spooky opening soliloquy. Then you’re welcome to check out any of three chapters excerpted from Revision 6 (Jan 2022) published by The Write Launch:

  • About This Writer’s Book, Anna’s unsettling Foreword
  • A 4:44-minute audio track of Mahmoud Al Ramadi’s introduction to Part One from limbo, narrated by the author:

From The Write Launch:

If any of this moves you to comment or you’re interested in receiving the current version of the manuscript to provide feedback, kindly complete the form below.