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Excerpts from Her Own Devices

See a sneak preview of Her Own Devices, and If that wets your whistle, read the protagonist’s Foreword. If that didn’t deter you, visit these three excerpts at The Write Launch (listed in order of publication):

1. Her Own Devices, chapter 22 (second revision, February 2020) at The Write Launch

2. Her Own Devices, chapters 1 and 2 (third revision, August 2020) at The Write Launch (Note: since this was published, the ordering of the first three chapters changed; in the fourth revision, chapter one appears as chapter three.)

3. Her Own Devices, chapter 8 (fourth revision, January 2021) at The Write Launch.

Just so you know, the current version differs in detail from these snapshots and the final version will be different still. You can make it different by telling me how. Just fill out the form below and let me have it.

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