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Perfidy Press Bookstore

You can order almost any book in the world at, as easily as at Amazon, and you’ll strike a blow for freedom of the press from monopoly capital. distributes a share of profits to local bookstores (including ours, if you buy from us) and sells many books at discount. More than $30M raised for local bookstores  since March 2020, they say! Click link for more info about

You can visit our bookstore to see our virtual shelves with real titles. If you don’t see what you fancy there, use the search bar at the top of our page to find and order it. You don’t need to sign in and can pay by credit or debit card. For example, here’s our shelf featuring Novels Set in Turkey. Click a book to see its description. You can buy it right from that page.

List Your Book with Us

A special offer for authors:  If you have a written a book currently in print that you would like to feature on our shelf Books Perpetrated by People I Know, get in touch using the form below. You don’t need to supply all the details, just enough for us to locate the book. Chances are that already sells it, but wouldn’t you like it to be put on display?

(Please only suggest books that you yourself have written, edited, illustrated, or translated. Let’s keep this first-person.)

    Please submit all required information. Mandatory fields are marked with *

    We'll get back to you via email, or phone if you so request, to learn more and get the book listed if it meets community standards.