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Recent Imperfections

Welcome to Perfidy Press

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We hope you enjoy your visit. There’s lots to see here and it’s not all perfidious. Besides pages about us, our philosophy, and our publications and works in progress, there’s a blog with literary musings, book reviews, and opinionated thoughts on politics and technology. Scroll down the sidebar for additional posts.

On this page find a diary of things we’ve been doing to scroll and click through.

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Her Own Devices, a novel in progress

You never really know who your friends are until you need them, and even then you still might not know, but that’s okay.

Her Own Devices is a sequel to Turkey Shoot, but it’s not a thriller. Genre-wise, I would call it Literary Fiction cloaked as Contemporary Women’s Crime Fiction with a magical twist.  To understand what that’s supposed to mean, view it’s main page. And while you’re waiting for it to finish baking, see how it’s rising over at the Excerpts page and  browse the tidbits scattered below.


Update 9/6/21: I’m now seeing some light at the end of my tunnel vision as I pore through the text for the sixth revision.  Incisive feedback from some loyal readers lights the way. You know who you are and hope you know how thankful I am.

I’ve entered chapters in literary competitions, and started querying independent publishers and (hoping against hope) some literary agents. I’d love to release Her Own Devices along with a new edition of Turkey Shoot, as the two are  bound at the hip. But maybe that needs to wait for the third book (trilogy sounds more impressive than duogy, were that a word). While following up on Devices is an attractive option, I can only focus on one book at a time.

For better or worse, Devices gets off to a leisurely start. To get you into that contemplative mood, listen to this five-minute passage that introduces the book, a soliloquy by the late Mahmoud Al Ramadi, spoken from his unfurnished halfway house to heaven.


Update 4/3/21: The fifth revision is a wrap at 272 pages and 92K words! This was a sentence-by-sentence edit that removed unessential passages, clarified events in backstory and timeline, and generally polished prose, following an excellent analysis by fiction editor William Oppenheimer. Before launching into the next pass, I’m looking for “beta” readers to critique rev. 5. If reading the manuscript interests you, please go to this page, where you can read an excerpt and then fill in and send the form at the bottom. We’ll be in touch.

Many thanks to early readers who have helped improve previous versions. For your efforts you can receive a copy of the published novel.


Update 2/4/21: Chapter 8 of Her Own Devices  was published the February issue of The Write Launch. This chapter opens Part Two, Anxious Anna. The online journal previously published Chapter 1 (since relocated as chapter 3, but who’s counting) and before that Chapter 22. Click to read. Have a ball.


Update 12/26/20: Well, that wonderful fourth draft needed some serious work according to some early readers, and so rev. 5 is now underway. Some got confused as to who is who and what happened in the backstory. Some said the A-story puzzled them, likely due to the way it doles out hints and takes its own sweet time filling readers in. To fix this, the path of least resistance seemed to be to add a prologue that sets the overall scene. So that’s what I did, and just for fun put it in the voice of my protagonist and gave myself a bit part. Here is how it came out. Please feel free to say how it strikes you, There’s a response form at  the bottom of that page.


Update 12/3/2020:  Applause, please. At the beginning of this month I wrapped up the fourth complete draft of Devices and since have retained an editor to evaluate the manuscript. The revision is pretty drastic, with a new character drawn from Turkey Shoot, a bit of rearranging, and much rewriting. As it’s a sequel, one might wonder whether it’s best to read Turkey Shoot before tackling Devices. That was never my intention, as I explain here.

A Penny for Your Ism


The strange and wonderful world of belief systems


Reactions to Blake Bailey’s new biography of Philip Roth

New blog post 4/5/2021: The Gripes of Roth



Notes on craft: Being a fictional character ain’t easy and you don’t even get royalties

New blog post 2/20/2021: Getting the Better of a Protagonist and Vice Versa

The debt I owe John le Carré (1931-2020) I’ll never be able to repay


Some Thoughts on the Method Behind Alt-Right Madness

New blog post 1/9/2021: Looking Behind and Beyond the Sacking of the Capitol

So, what we can expect from Donald Trump and his storm troopers in 2021

A Coronavirus Playlist

A heartwarming, satirical songfest curated for your viewing and listening pleasure by Perfidy Press as a pandemic palliative.

Start jamming.

Turkey Shoot the Movie

Turkey Shoot virtually attended the 2020 Frankfurt Book fair along with 200 other titles in the Independent Book Publishers Association’s online booth, with its author lurking nearby to snag foreign rights agents and film studio scouts as they ethereally pass by. Exhibit A is this book trailer.


Turkey Shoot the Rap Sheet

Selling books in venues like the Frankfurt Book Fair requires providing something called a tip or sales sheet. You need one to incentivize foreign publishers to translate and republish your book, and scouts from film studios to option it.The one we had for Turkey Shoot was way out of date, so we gave it a makeover. Please take one and put it in your book bag.


Perfidy Press the Bookstore

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with, especially as an author, but have found it hard to connect with independent bookstores to sell my work. And so, I got one of my own. It didn’t cost anything and stocking it was a breeze. It’s just a kiosk in the grand bazaar at, a nonprofit that aims to be an Amazon-killer and has sold tons of books online since debuting last winter.

Visit our bookstore

Unlike Jeff Bezos, gives away 75% of its proceeds to booksellers and publishers and, to date, claims to have remitted over $7M to them since it opened for business last winter. Once I found out any publisher can have its own store at and they would do the fulfillment and bookkeeping and even pay commissions, I was hooked.

Visit the Perfidy Press kiosk at by clicking on the book cover. Whether or not your do, please tell all your friends and relations to quit buying books from Amazon. Tell them that when they shop at they get to favor their favorite bookseller with a commission on whatever they purchase. It need not be Perfidy Press, but why not? Let them explain

Say Hey to Mr. Fish

Perfidy is in full display in color and monochrome by the artist known as Mr. Fish at his website and store at He’s a fabulous draughtsman who has mastered a range of media and styles to forcefully speak truth to power, as in this cartoon titled Donny Quixote.

Check out his many two-dimensional representations of perfidy there, and If you like what you see, consider buying a print or shelling out for Mr Fish the Movie. (it’s really good.)

Love, dolorem ipsum, and all that…

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