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Turkey Shoot—The Perp

About the Author


Taping an interview on Arlington MA public TV

Geoffrey Dutton abandoned a well-paying career as a software developer and documentarian, shook off expository writing habits, and struck out to write whatever suited his fancy. Having spent the prime of his life telling computer users what they should and should not do, he made up for lost time by peering into the dark side of high tech to expose those who deploy it as a weapon of surveillance and societal destruction. While he enjoys revealing government and corporate chicanery at and, closest to his heart has been birthing the award-winning novel Turkey Shoot. It too penetrates dark digital recesses of state power, on file servers that a master hacker compromises for his comrades’ uncertain cause.

Geoff’s years of observing liberation movements animated a credible cast of radical activists and their ideological conflicts. A background in urban studies and cartography equipped him to vividly portray cities and landscapes far from home. Grim events in the Middle East moved him to outrage over how those displaced by homegrown bullies and gratuitous military expeditions that shattered their live

Geoff hunts mushrooms for the table. This one, though, will put you under the table.

s quickly became objects of fear and loathing. All these elements and more are woven together in a cinema verité page-turner that turns the genre inside out to reveal what motivates so-called evildoers to confront tyrants, empires, and injustice. Call it an act of literary blowback, one that parachutes you into a world of “evildoers” and makes you care and even root for them. Find it at online bookstores everywhere and here at Perfidy Press. Read it and then ask yourself what you would do if you were in his characters’ shoes.

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