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Perfidy Press Presents

Given the current public health emergency, as a public service Perfidy Press is suspending its usual self-promoting blather to infect you with four entertaining videos we’ve come across relating to our well-founded fear of Coronavirus. These are all singalongs except for the last, a public service announcement such as one can only dream about.

First off, watch Dr. Fauci sing the haunting aria “Die, Die, Coronavirus” from The Founders Sing. You will be instructed to click over to their site, where there’s much more to enjoy. Does anyone know the source of this music? The tune sounds familiar.

Do that, and then come back, especially if you’re a Mich McConnell fan, to enjoy “Old Man Fibber” from satirical songster Jimmy Brennan. If Paul Robeson were still around, he’d do Jimmy’s lyrics.

And for an even more hard-to-find musical treat, here’s Michael Bruening, Professor of History at Missouri College of Science and Technology and ace guitarist, with his adaptation of Gloria Gaynor’s awesome 1978 disco hit I Will Survive singing his heart out from his basement .

Lastly but not leastly, here’s an informative summary of responses to the global pandemic from our friends at The Juice Media, Australia’s equivalent to The Onion. There are a lot more fast-paced yuks in Aussie dialect where this Pseudo Service Announcement came from—such as this other one on (as Juice Media endearingly calls it without mincing words) dumbfuckery.

And if you’re still here, we hope you enjoyed the show. To show our appreciation for your patronage, on your way out of the theater (single file please, six feet apart) you can click here to sign up for our extended offer of a free digital copy of Geoffrey Dutton’s gripping, award-winning novel Turkey Shoot.