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How the Empire Thinks (Bulletin)

Dear Readers,

Just a quickie to tide you over while I assemble sources and thoughts for the next newsletter, on the fragility of our stories.

This epigram started me thinking. Someone on Twitter going as @DeathStarPR, flacking for the Empire, observed:

If we stop blowing up planets now, that would be extremely unfair to the planets we’ve already blown up.

7:22 PM · Aug 24, 2022

To which one @Charpen9 replied:

Some may say that the people on those planets were unfairly obliterated, but have you considered that they were free to simply sell their houses and move somewhere else?

2:26 AM · Aug 26, 2022

Good point. I would add that for those who were homeless, being blown up solved their shelter issues.

This is the flip side of the logic Republicans used when Biden acted to commute student debts: Since you can’t benefit everybody, don’t benefit anybody.

I think their day may at last have come at the polls, and not in a good way for them.

Carry on. See you later, I hope.

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