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About Contacting Us

Perfidy Press would love to hear from you. Ask a question, make a suggestion, offer a comment. Just click here or on Contact at the bottom of the page and type away.

One caveat: We regularly receive messages from bots and do not appreciate it, messages like this one:

It sucks that now days Google charges so much for clicks, in fact some industries can pay up to $200 for just a click! Insane! Would you like to find out more about advertising that only charges a flat rate for qualified potential buyers sent directly to your website? Let me know in your reply and I'll send over some details.

Or illiterate phishing junk like this: Hey What we suffer with here is , a fineprovide 
Just click on the component below to prepare [URL deleted]

… or this. Like the above one, it seems to be auto-translated from some Asian language:

Hy there, Righteous bulletin ! a goodoffers To be eligible click on the tie-up below 
Hey Complimentary news ! an stimulatingoffer 
Right-minded click on the component under to mitigate [URL deleted]

… or even bogus criminality like this:

Hi, I wanted to let you know that your site has a lot of porn and gambling spam. Please get in touch to me to have removed. If you dont contact, there will be more porn spam and your site will be dead. So no waste time and order my gig now [URL deleted]

Just so you know, spamming contact forms is an industry. Here’s how it works, according to a message from a business in Europe we received via our contact form:

We propose 
Sending your message through the feedback form which can be found on the sites in the contact partition. Feedback forms are filled in by our program and the captcha is solved. The profit of this method is that messages sent through feedback forms are whitelisted. This method raise the odds that your message will be read. Mailing is done in the same way as you received this message. 
Your commercial proposal will be seen by millions of site administrators and those who have access to the sites! 

The cost of sending 1 million messages is $ 49 instead of $ 99. (you can select any country or country domain) 
All USA - (10 million messages sent) - $399 instead of $699 
All Europe (7 million messages sent)- $ 299 instead of $599 
All sites in the world (25 million messages sent) - $499 instead of $999 
There is a possibility of FREE TEST MAILING. 

Discounts are valid until June 10. Feedback and warranty! Delivery report! In the process of sending messages we don't break the rules GDRP. 

This message is automatically generated to use our contacts for communication.

Of course, we are not one of their contacts. They simply harvested our contact form along with millions of others. That said, please go ahead and Contact us. Make our day!