Oh, its you. Come on in, then. We’re pleased to see you and hope you’ll stay awhile.

Before you dig in, know that our main mission is to report dirty goings-on that their perpetrators would be ashamed of had they any conscience. Mostly it’s not about petty scam artists, the likes of whom will always be with us. We’re after bigger fish. For example, it took us aback to learn that here in the good old USA we have 17 federal intelligence agencies keeping watch for and over us and making global mischief. Who knew we needed all those busybodies? Well, now you do.

You’ll find those and other details on our blog, focused on shining a light into dark perfidious corners, along with assorted memoirs, guest posts, and a review or two. Too, find a few pages pitching a novel that makes you an accomplice to a perfidious political plot. It’s very good. You should read it. (See Chapter 1.) Its author explains what the book and he are about to help you decide.

Please know that you’re safe in our hands, although we can’t guarantee that no person or thing isn’t taking note of what you read here or elsewhere. Nor can we guarantee the safety of any illusions you may bring with concerning how folks with power comport themselves as they proceed to recapture by any means necessary the greatness of a noble republic beset by foreign enemies and domestic rabble. The daily press and nightly news too much ignore the deep peril that perfidious institutions subject us to by tightening screws on us, allegedly to our benefit. Besides looking under rocks, we hawk books and reflect on writing, publishing, technology, life, the universe and everything, whether perfidious or not, and only do so when we feel we can contribute something of value.

That’s about it, friends. See what you might like over to the left. Take a look and tell us what you think. Comments and guest posts are welcome.